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Working as a leading independent EAL consultant, Catharine creates numerous teaching materials and training resources for her training events. She also has an active Twitter account. What Catharine required was a clean, modern website, with an easy to navigate, simple interface.

Up and coming training events are clearly displayed on the homepage, along with Catharine's embedded Twitter timeline.

The website allows Catharine to quickly add new training events, and past events are deleted automatically. Notifications are sent automatically (e‐mail) if no new events have been added for a while.

Teaching materials and training resources.

Several of Catharine's teaching materials and training resources are available to download in a combination of PDF, Excel and Word files, via a clean and simple web interface.


This recent project, for Ash Hining Farm bed and breakfast, highlights the benefits of updating older websites to improve accessiblity on mobile devices (tablets / smartphones). The responsive design feature is most noticeable on the Tariffs page.

Benefits of a responsive design

The original page (oppositebelow) was difficult to read, and the menu was far too small to be practical on smartphones.

Whilst touch screen devices do allow pages to be quickly enlarged via their zoom facility, this also results in the menu disappearing.

In contrast, the updated responsive page (below) can be easily read as soon as the page loads (no zoom required).

The impractical menu has also been replaced by a 3‐line box icon at the top of the page. Selecting this displays the menu across the full screen. The result is a website that is much easier to navigate on mobile devices.

Free updates

The tariffs page also demonstrates one of the advantages of choosing Simple Solutions Web Design. Many small businesses have pages, like the tariffs page, that require small updates every 6 to 12 months. Unfortunately, this is something that the majority of web design companies charge for. This is a service that Simple Solutions Web Design provide for free (* cannot exceed 1000 characters or once every 6 months).

ashhiningfarm.co.uk is a typical small businness website (6 to 8 pages) that only consists of static pages – with the exception of a contact form. The average price for this type of website is typically £295.00 (one–off payment), plus ongoing domain name and hosting renewal fees: £65.00/annum.