Generally speaking, if you have a standard 4 to 8 page website and your annual renewal fees are £100 plus, then you are probably paying too much.

Simple Solutions Web Design charge a standard £65/year (hosting and domain name renewal - including VAT). Assuming that your existing provider(s) are happy for you to carry on using the existing domain name and website if you stop using their services (most are), Simple Solutions Web Design can transfer everything over in a matter of hours.

No. I will be able to confirm when the domain is up for renewal and get it transferred. This will not result in you losing the several months that remain. You will not be invoiced for domain name renewal until it is due for renewal.

In April 2015, Google changed the way it searches for websites on mobile devices and it now ranks them in order of mobile friendliness. If your website does not display well on mobile devices, sites that do are more likely to appear before yours.

Google aside, users quickly tire of websites that don't display well on their mobile devices. Their solution is simple, find a website that does.

Websites that don't work well on mobile devices really suffer from one thing, a font size that is far too small to read. This creates another problem, menus and links that are difficult to select due to their small size.

The menus on mobile friendly websites appear as 3 lines (you'll see this in the top left corner of this website, if you're browsing on a mobile device). Selecting this reveals a nice big menu that can be easily navigated with your finger. The 3 lines morph into a cross, which can be selected if you decide not to jump to a different page, and wish to hide the menu again.

The font size is always easy to read on mobile friendly websites without having to zoom in. Zooming in also means that you have to start scrolling across the page to read full lines.

If your website uses pixelated, low quality images and your competitors don't, potential customers may well think that this is a reflection of the type of service you offer.

Technology has developed at a remarkable rate, and people expect high definition images (1920 x 1080 pixels minimum) as standard.

At the very least images need to be taken on a good quality camera (8 megapixels minimum). Getting your photos taken professionally is probably the best move you'll ever make.

According to Mozilla Support, the people behind the Firefox web browser, most websites do not use a secure connection (green padlock icon) because they don't contain sensitive data. Consequently, the data does not need to be encrypted. If data is sent unencrypted from your browser there is a possibility (although unlikely) that it could be intercepted by eavesdroppers and attackers.

However, since the start of 2017, Google’s Chrome browser has been warning visitors that sites which collect personal information but do not have encryption are not secure. This is also the case with Mozilla's Firefox web browser. This may cause people to think twice about using your site.

Whilst it is not the most important factor in search engine results, websites with a secure connection generally do better – especially in searches related to online purchases. Secure websites also load faster, which also contributes to better search engine results.

Website prices vary widely throughout the industry. Figures exceeding £100,000 are not uncommon for many medium/large business websites.

Even the smallest websites (4-6 pages) tend to be at least £600 - £700, with many individuals charging £300 - £350 for the first page alone. As a basic guide a Simple Solutions' website like www.ealconsulting.co.uk (which incorporates text and images, has several downloadable PDFs plus a contact form) will cost approximately £300. The cost of this particular website would actually be a little higher because it allows Catharine to add, edit and delete the training events that appear on the homepage.

Many small businesses, like B&Bs, require small, infrequent updates to their website content. Things like tariffs and dates generally only require annual updates. This is a service that Simple Solutions Web Design provide for free (cannot exceed 1000 characters or once every 6 months).

Get in touch to discuss prices, if you require more frequent updates. Systems are available that allow you to add, edit and delete content yourself.